Hyoyeon (SNSD) is also bashed because she stopped by Burning Sun once

SNSD’s ‘dancing machine’ was criticized for being at Burning Sun on the day of the violence scandal.

Seungri‘s (Big Bang) scandals and Burning Sun nightclub’s incident are the hottest topics in Korea in the past few days. Starting from the case of club staff attacking male guests, puffing up drugs and raping female guests, the Korean press has brought to light a series of accusations of illegal crime by the youngest of Big Bang. Within a short time, the male idol was entangled in allegations of brokering prostitution, possession of banned substances and tax evasion. The scandal not only affected Seungri himself but also caused YG Entertainment and a series of friends to struggle.

Recently, SNSD‘s “dancing machine” – Hyoyeon was also criticized for being spotted at Seungri‘s Burning Sun. Specifically, during the day of the violence, the female idol came over here and performed as a DJ at the nightclub.


Hyoyeon shared a selfie with Seungri and uploaded this photo on Instagram personally. This is also the clue that helps netizens discover that he was at the club on the day of the incident. Soon after the Burning Sun scandal broke out, the SNSD member deleted this photo from her personal page.

In her latest image, Knet comments are filled with sarcasm because the female idol is related to this scandalous club. However, the fact is that at that time, Hyoyeon has a schedule at various nightclubs and Burning Sun is just one of them. The truth is that in addition to performing here, SNSD‘s main dancer has nothing to do with Seungri or the Big Bang member’s scandals.

Many KPOP fans think it is ridiculous for Knet to criticize Hyoyeon: “Did Hyoyeon suffer these malicious comments just because she was a DJ at Burning Sun? She doesn’t even work as an exclusive DJ there, she performed at so many places. Why do people spread the hate to Hyoyeon just because of Seungri and Burning Sun?”,” Looking at the black crows who are bashing her even though they don’t know anything. Hyoyeon was going to tour the nightclubs at that time, she only went to Burning Sun for a night “, etc.

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