Hyeri arouses ♥Ryu Jun-yeol’s jealousy? Up-close sticker photo with Jang Ki Yong

Group Girl’s Day member and actress Hyeri published a sweet sticker photo with Jang Ki-yong.

On June 24th, Hyeri posted a sticker photo on her Instagram, along with the caption, “It’s been 10 episodes.”

In the photo, there’re Hyeri and Jang Ki-yong being close to each other like a sweet couple.

Especially, the two gave off a romantic atmosphere by putting their heads together or doing V poses together.

Hyeri and Jang Ki-yong are appearing in the tvN drama ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ which aired until July 15th.

Hyeri is also scheduled to appear in the KBS2 drama ‘When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon’. ‘When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon’ is the story of youngsters who straddle the prohibition of alcohol, sharing friendship and growing up.

Meanwhile, Hyeri is in a public relationship with actor Ryu Jun-yeol.

Sources: nate

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