Hwasa tells behind story of her comeback song, “Psy sent it to me when I was struggling with controversies”

Singer Hwasa met with AKMU siblings and shared various stories

Hwasa, Kim Se Jeong, Young K, girl group H1-Key, and actor Shin Se Hwi guested on KBS 2TV’s program “The Seasons – AKMU”, which aired on September 8th.

Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Su Hyun welcomed Hwasa, who appeared singing her solo song “TWIT”. Lee Su Hyun said, “We debuted in the same year. What month did you make your debut in 2014?”. As Hwasa answered “June”, AKMU reacted, “It’s April for us”, drawing laughter.

Lee Su Hyun expressed her desire to learn Hwasa’s bold facial expressions Hwasa said, “They’re parts of the choreography and I just pretend to fight with the camera. I don’t have any tips.” AKMU siblings then made everyone laugh as they tried to imitate Hwasa’s expressions.

Hwasa revealed that she was a VIP, a fan of BIG BANG. She shared, “When I was in middle school, I really wanted to attend BIG BANG’s concert once so I begged my parents and that was my first and last concert.” Lee Chan Hyuk added, “I was also a huge fan of BIG BANG. Let’s gather BIG BANG fans and make a song”. AKMU and Hwasa then performed a collaboration of BIG BANG’s “Bad Boy”.

Lee Su Hyun then asked Hwasa, “You said Psy suddenly sent you a song, right?”. Hwasa recalled, “When I was having a hard time due to controversies, Psy sent me a comeback song. He sent me a song called ‘I Love My Body’, and I wondered, ‘Why did he send me a song like this when I was facing so many issues?’”.

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She continued, “However, the song actually cheered me up and gave me positive energy. I felt like it stimulated the feelings that I had forgotten”, adding “The part ‘I love my body’ is repeated throughout the song. I think it really makes me love myself more.”

Lee Su Hyun commented, “The performance was very cool”. AKMU brother and sister then stood up and learned the dance challenge from Hwasa.

Meanwhile, Hwasa released her new digital single “I Love My Body” on the 6th and is promoting the song.

Source: Daum

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