Hwang Jung-eum and husband Lee Young-don reveal their son’s face for the first time in 5 years

Hwang Jung-eum, who overcame the crisis of her marriage, recently revealed her happy daily life with her adorable son. 

Hwang Jung-eum posted a video on her personal Instagram story on January 31st without any caption, drawing attention by revealing her son’s face for the first time.

The released video shows Hwang Jung-eum‘s son acting cute while looking at the camera. His big eyes that resemble Hwang Jung-eum are the most noticeable.

Hwang Jung-eum

On the next day, February 1st, she posted another video with the caption, “Doll’s dance time.” In the video, Hwang Jung-eum‘s son is dancing cutely while looking in the mirror.

Hwang Jung-eum and her husband Lee Young-don were filming this while smiling happily, which warms viewers’ hearts.

Hwang Jung-eum married professional golfer and businessman Lee Young-don in 2016 and gave birth to their son the following year. The two announced their breakup in 2020, but resolved their conflict and called off divorce in 2021 as Hwang Jung-eum became pregnant with their second child.

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