Hwang Ha-na “I wasn’t even engaged to my ex-boyfriend Park Yoo-chun”… Living in a camper on Jeju Island after being released from prison

Hwang Ha-na, the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy’s founder, revealed her recent status after being released from prison.

On Oct 24th, Woman Chosun released an interview with Hwang Ha-na and her father. Hwang Ha-na, who was sentenced to prison for taking drugs, made headlines when her recent status of drawing a webtoon with her father Hwang Jae-pil while in prison was revealed. In the meantime, Hwang Ha-na finished her sentence and is staying with her family in a camper on Jeju Island.

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Regarding the reason, Hwang Jae-pil said, “Since it’s already hard, let’s start with the most difficult way. The idea was to spend a month bumping into each other and looking at the floor in a small space. The most dangerous thing for a drug addict is one moment. To be honest, I think she could go wrong again. It has nothing to do with her will because this is a disease. If she spends 2 years without anything, whether it’s a sleeping pill or cold medicine, there’s a possibility of detoxification. 2 years from now is our homework.”

hwang hana

Hwang Ha-na was sentenced to prison for taking drugs during her probation period. Hwang Ha-na confessed, “Now, I’m really confident that I won’t do it anymore. My teeth are broken, and my facial skin is too damaged. My calves are all meth bugs (imaginary bugs that methamphetamine users believe are on and under their skin while on the drug). It was the first time I knew there were so many scars.”

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The reason why Hwang Ha-na became known to the entire nation was because of the news of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Park Yoo-chun. Hwang Ha-na, also known as Park Yoo-chun’s ex-fiancée, said that she had never been engaged to Park Yoo-chun. Hwang Ha-na revealed, “At first, when articles with that man (Park Yoo-chun) appeared, I was on the verge of fainting from crying. I didn’t want to suddenly become famous on the Internet with such reports. It was a time when I had no intention of getting married. I was confused why such articles were published and why I had to get married because of these articles. I was addicted to that interest before I knew it. I didn’t understand why people kept calling me an attention seeker, but it was right that I was an attention seeker.”

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Hwang Ha-na was mistakenly known as Park Yoo-chun’s fiancée, but she did not correct this information because she thought that not dealing with it was the answer. Hwang Ha-na corrected, “It was not disengagement because I wasn’t engaged. Rather, my mother and that man’s parents greeted each other for the first time after the engagement articles. There was no plan.”

Source: Nate

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