How will Rosé (BLACKPINK) shine after being given a solo chance?

BLINKs are highly expecting the solo debut of “the Australian rose” – Rosé in 2019.

BLACKPINK might be seen as one of the most talented and beautiful group of K-Pop at the moment with all 4 members each has a unique beauty and multi-talented. If BLACKPINK is a flower bouquet, then Rosé must be a gorgeous red rose. After Jennie’s successful solo debut, Rosé is said to be the next member who will be given a solo track.

BLINKs and people who love Rosé’s vocal are all excited to see her as a female solo artist. Let’s take a look at how Rosé captures the heart of every fan and how she is believed to be a star in 2019.

The rising visual

During BLACKPINK’s debut, Rosé was once of the least mentioned member when talked about their appearance. However, ever since 2018, this Australian female idol continuously became the center of attention for her high-class elegant visual which might have outrun her members at awards night, music stages or even at the airport.

However, ever since 2018, Rosé continuously melted the hearts of fans with extraordinary moments like this. Do you still remember this legendary gif at the MMA 2018?

In BLACKPINK’s latest MV, “Kill This Love”, Rosé’s moments make fans couldn’t just watched the MV once.

Rosé’s girlcrush aura at the behind-the-scene of their MV.
Rosé’s heart-throbbing smile
It would be a big mistake if we do not mention Rosé’s driving while crying scene in their latest MV. Even though she was in tears, the main vocal of BLACKPINK still looked as gorgeous as ever and the scene is seen as one of the most special scenes of the MV.

Especially since their chance of performing at the Coachella in the U.S, Rosé was like a fish back to her favourite water after she took the chance to show off her grown-up and sexy beauty at the age of 22 which was hard to see before.

Unique voice which is getting better at singing live

Many have said that the main vocal member of BLACKPINK was forced to distort her voice in order to create an unique voice in the K-Pop industry. However,  it’s undeniable that Rosé’s voice is very catchy and attractive. If she is given a well-match song, Rosé is sure to finish her parts perfectly.

On her 22nd birthday, Rosé released a cover of “Eyes Closed” (Halsey). This track matches so well with her special that fans are guessing that this will be the genre for Rosé’s solo debut.

Sleepless, Rosé decided to sing while playing the piano and uploaded it on Instagram. The image of her bare face and sweet voice melted the heart of every BLINK.

To people who are still doubting Rosé’s live-singing ability after watching their MR Removed videos, they sure will be surprised by BLACKPINK’s recent stages. Especially their stages at the world biggest music festival Coachella 2019, the girls from YG performed 13 songs consecutively and Rosé didn’t show any sign of being tired or unstable singing. “The Australian rose” showed her stable live singing and is no longer screechy during high notes like she was before.
BLACKPINK – DDU DU DDU DU – Live at Coachella 2019
During BLACKPINK’s performace at an even in Thailand, many fans are proud of their strong live voice, especially Rosé’s.

Excellent skill in playing the guitar and the piano

Rosé might be one of the most artistic members with her skill in playing the guitar and the piano. Before becoming a part of BLACKPINK, Rosé didn’t even dream of being an idol, but instead, she wanted to be a Youtuber to cover hit songs and posted on Youtube which was a trend at that time. That was the reason why she choose to learn the guitar.

If you are a BLINK, you must be familiar with the image of a girly, elegant Rosé by the guitar. The image of her singing soulfully, with skillful fingers playing the guitar, is hard to resist.

[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 – Ji-soo, Rose, sung ‘Love Yourself’ 20170111
Rose – Not for long (cover)
Officially Missing You’ – Rose

Not just the guitar, Rosé can also play the piano:


Her stage presence and witty but elegant way of answering interviews

Rosé has shown her professionalism after many moments of quick problem solving on stage which was so subtle fans couldn’t realize that she was having a problem. On the stage of Coachella, Rosé was the one who led BLACKPINK to stir up the audience with her utmost.

Rosé’s right hand signed that her in-ear was having technical problem. Many even thought that this was a new detail in their choreography.
Rosé nodded cutely to sign that her in-ear was normal.

During their promotion in the U.S, Rosé could almost be seen as the representative of BLACKPINK during interviews when there were hard questions. Apart from that, she also positively helped her member – Jisoo – by translating her answer from Korean to English, which has helped Jisoo avoid the uncomfortable silence and got as much screentime as other English-speaking members.

Surprisingly funny characteristics

Who would have thought the elegant, soft Rosé of BLACKPINK would upload a series of stories on Instagram where she covered “7 Rings” of Ariana Grande in a hilarious way with voice-distorting filter. “An Australia-origin K-Pop idol sang “7 Rings” in a British accent, how interesting” is one of many comments on this video of Rosé.

Rosé Blackpink – ‘7 RINGS’ Song Cover (IG STORY UPDATE)

Rosé’s funny but truthful personality was shown through many interviews in the U.S as well as her Instagram livestreams. Specifically, when asked why did she choose to return to South Korea and become an YG’s trainee, Rosé shared a hilarious reason which made BLINKs laughed. She expressed that her father was the reason why she auditioned for YG.

At that time, the little girl Chaeyoung (Rosé’s Korean name) always sang while playing the guitar ‘til 12 o’clock at midnight. Rosé said that she soult still remember she loved the song “Listen” of Beyoncé at that time and kept on singing it, even though her high notes at that time was very horrific. Her parents said they couldn’t sleep due to this torturous moment which led to my father signing her up for YG’s audition in Australia in 2012.


With the aforementioned traits, BLINKs have the right to hope that after Rosé has her solo debut, she will become another hot issue in such a competitive K-Pop battlefield. More than anyone, BLACKPINK’s fans are waiting patiently for YG to keep their word and give Rosé a solo track after their long schedule in the U.S.

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