A GOT7 member accused of beating up his disabled classmate – JYP announced that they would investigate

The GOT7 member is currently attracting attention on social networks because he accused of bullying his classmate.

On October 20, an account named “A” posted an anonymous post on Korean social networks, accusing a male idol of beating and bullying him while he was still in highschool.The writer of the post identified themselves as a student with hearing impairments and intellectually handicapped, who went to school with Youngjae during his time at Mokpo Technical High School. The poster stated that he was beaten by Youngjae, and Youngjae also would extort money from him.

This post went viral. Until this morning (October 21), Korean media reported that JYP Entertainment announced: “We will quickly find out what the exact facts are regarding this situation, and announce our position.”

Many fans protect male idols. They said Youngjae attended Korean Arts High School in Seoul, not Mokpo Technical High School. In addition, in the post, “A” did not give any evidence.

Youngjae was born in 1997. He is the main vocalist of GOT7, famous for his inspirational voice and handsome face. Currently, rumor of Youngjae bullying classmates is a hot topic on social networks. Netizens are eagerly waiting for JYP’s official announcement of this incident.

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