Honey Lee gives an update on her current whereabouts after giving birth 

Honey Lee’s post-childbirth status is revealed. 

On September 7th, on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea, a video titled “Pop Quiz with Honey Lee, the epitome of healthy beauty” was uploaded.

In response to the question, “If you could recommend one favorite food to eat for health?”, Honey Lee chose “honey” and said, “I eat and apply honey. The parents of my close yoga teacher do beekeeping. These days, bees have decreased a lot, so they couldn’t harvest last year.”

honey lee

Next, Honey Lee revealed her skin care tips, saying, “I especially like to keep my skin soft when I sleep. So I apply oil and then serum (before going to bed).”

Regarding the biggest laugh she’s had recently, Honey Lee said, “I gave birth to a baby a while ago. A person came out of my belly. Whenever the baby smiles, I laugh very loudly. The baby can’t laugh out loud yet, but even her little laugh makes me burst into laughter.”

honey lee

When asked about her favorite sport, Honey Lee mentioned ballet, pilates, and strength exercises. She said, “I’m recovering my body, so I do sports slowly. I try to do it diligently every day.”

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity last December and gave birth to a daughter earlier this June.

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