“He’s the archery boy in ‘All of Us Are Dead’?”… Actor Jin Ho-eun confirmed his appearance in Disney+’s upcoming drama “Revenge of Others”

Actor Jin Ho-eun meets the viewers through the new drama “Revenge of Others”.

On October 18th, Jin Ho-eun’s agency Outer Korea said, “Jin Ho-eun will appear in Disney+’s original series ‘Revenge of Others’”.

Jin Ho-eun left a strong impression on drama fans with his performance as Min-jae, the archery boy in “All of Us Are Dead”, and is solidifying his career by confirming his appearance in OTT projects one after another.

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“Revenge of Others” is a stimulating high-teen revenge thriller. It tells the story that takes place when Chan-mi (Shin Ye-eun), who tries to find out the truth about the death of her twin brother, and Su-heon (Romon), who starts his revenge against the unfair world, get caught up in a shocking incident that change their life.

Jin Ho-eun was cast to play the character who hovers around Su-heon and bothers him. It is known that Jin Ho-eun had already finished filming his scenes.

In “All of Us Are Dead”, Jin Ho-eun plays the archery boy who stands up to zombies and protects his friends. In “Shooting Stars”, he perfectly portrayed the positive and righteous image of a new manager who burns his passion for the actor he is in charge of. Therefore, Jin Ho-eun is expected to present a new acting transformation in this new work.

It is said that officials in the drama industry are recently more interested in Jin Ho-eun, who is growing well as an actor, because of his strong physique and strength in playing diverse roles that can go back and forth between good and evil. 

ji ho eun

Outer Korea said, “He will immerse into a new character that is different from his previous one and give the viewers a sense of great tension. The actor is still growing with his career so please look forward to his future performances”. 

“Revenge of Others”, starring rookie actors, such as Jin Ho-eun, Romon, and Shin Ye-eun, will be exclusively released through Disney+ on November 9th. 

Source: Wikitree

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