Heo Chan Mi suffered from food poisoning during her Bangkok trip 

Heo Chan Mi got food poisoning while traveling to Bangkok.

On February 7th, Heo Chan Mi posted a number of photos with the caption, “About 27 hours after lying in the hotel, I gave up my makeup with the will to endure stomach pain and stomachache, but I came out with a curling iron.”

Heo Chan-mi Thailand

The released photo showed Heo Chan Mi’s travel to Bangkok in her casual clothing, black sleeveless Tee and colorful patterned pants. The photos showed Heo Chan Mi enjoying her trip with naturally glowing beauty. 

She continued, “The King Power Mahanakhon Observatory really killed me, my heart almost died. I tried not to look scared but pretty, but the reality was cringeworthy. The story of the 3rd and 4th days in Bangkok was deleted due to food poisoning.”

Heo Chan-mi Thailand
Heo Chan-mi Thailand

Fans cheered and comforted Heo Chan Mi, leaving comments such as “Please don’t get sick,” “You’re okay now, right?” and “Good health is the best.”

Heo Chan Mi made her debut as a member of the co-ed group Co-ed School in 2010 and worked for F-ve Dolls in 2011. After finishing the group activities, Chan Mi appeared on survival programs “Produce 101,” “Mix Nine” and “Tomorrow is Miss Trot 2.”

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