Harisu shared, “I revealed about undergoing sex reassignment surgery and was asked to sleep with them… About 50 actors, chaebols asked me out”

Singer-actress Harisu told a shocking anecdote she had during the time she was active in the entertainment industry.


Harisu appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Free Doctor M”, which aired on April 4th, and recalled the past, saying, “I had no choice but to hide the fact that I am a transgender”.

Recalling her heyday, Harisu smiled and proudly said, “Many people asked me out. I was actually very famous”, adding, “Lots of people didn’t know that I’m a transgender and I was young and pretty back then so they asked me out. There were also many celebrities among them. About 50 people. The same happened during the time I worked as Harisu. I actually dated but there is no point in revealing it. There are still many people who like me. There’s nowhere to find this beauty”.


Regarding rumors and speculations surrounding her, Harisu shared, “I didn’t care about those rumors. It didn’t matter to me no matter how much noise they made”. She also mentioned her divorce from her ex-husband Micky Jung.

She continued, “I didn’t carry out activities at that time so the focus was only on the divorce”, adding, “We’re still friends by now. Micky Jung is doing well and he has a beautiful child. But wouldn’t it annoy their family if we keep talking about this story?”.

When asked, “Did you overcome the pain?”, she answered frankly, “Even at the time of my divorce, I was fine. I had nothing to overcome. We didn’t break up because we hate each other”.


In particular, MC Oh Sang-jin asked, “There must have been a lot of ups and downs since you underwent surgery until your debut, but you are still the most famous transgender in Korea. Looking back, how has your life been?”.

In response, recalling her difficult time, Harisu said, “Before promoting under the name Harisu, I already did plenty of work as a photo model. At that time, I hid the fact that I was a transgender. That’s why I couldn’t sign a contract, and I had no choice but to work with on-site payment.”

“I said that I became a woman after the surgery, but I was told it needed to be verified and was asked to sleep with them. That actually happened,” she stressed.


“That’s when I felt a big doubt. I thought I’d quit my job in the entertainment industry for months. But then I was finally cast. I thought it would be better to do something than regretting later for not being able to do it,” she revealed how she started appearing on broadcast.

Harisu has been active as a singer and actress since her debut in a cosmetics CF in 2001, and she has continued to speak out on topics that have recently emerged as social issues. Harisu married Micky Jung in 2007. After 10 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2017.

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