Han So Hee or ITZY’s Ryujin? One photo that confuses netizens as to who it is

Han So Hee and Ryujin have proven their striking resemblance again. 

On April 12th, a selfie was shared on an online community and drew much attention because it got everyone confused about who it was. Netizens couldn’t decide if it is actress Han So Hee or ITZY’s Ryujin.  The correct answer is Han So Hee

The photo shows Han So Hee lying on the bed and taking a picture with her cat while being bare faced. She confused netizens with her appearance which is so similar to Ryujin.

Han So-hee

Han So Hee and Ryujin are famous for looking alike, so there are many confusing photos that make netizens mistake one of them as the other. The two look especially similar in this selfie. Moreover, Han So Hee was not wearing any makeup and the photo is not high-quality, so it is even more difficult to tell if it is her or it is Ryujin

Han So Hee

Before the correct answer was revealed, netizens were divided, “It’s obviously Han So Hee,” “It’s Ryujin no matter who looks at it,” “It’s Han So Hee because that’s her cat.” Even after knowing that it was indeed Han So Hee’s selfie, many netizens said they found it unbelievable. 


Meanwhile, Han So Hee’s ongoing drama, Disney+’s original series “Soundtrack #1,” is coming to an end. The final episode will be released later today. Ryujin recently met with fans on April 9th through ITZY‘s first fan meeting “ITZY, MIDZY, Let’s Fly!”

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