“Goose dad” Jang Hyuk “I feel lethargic and empty when I return home”

Actor Jang Hyuk revealed his role as a “goose dad” (a man who works in Korea while his wife and children stay in an English-speaking country for the sake of their children’s education) and expressed his longing and affection for his family

On the Nov 22nd broadcast of KBS’s “Mr. House Husband Season 2”, actor Jang Hyuk revealed his house for the first time 26 years after his debut.

Early in the morning, Jang Hyuk read a paper newspaper while holding a pen.

jang hyuk

He said, “It’s been about 28 years since I started reading newspapers like this. When I just debuted, I used to practice pronunciation by putting a pen in my mouth and reading a newspaper. It became my habit.

When the cast showed confusion at the relatively quiet scenery for a house with children, Jang Hyuk explained, “My family went abroad. Since last year, the children have been living and attending school abroad.”

He continued, “Encountering a new culture broadens your mindset. I sent my family abroad to open up feelings about different cultures.”

jang hyuk

After enjoying a solitary meal at a regular fish porridge restaurant and finishing the private English lesson, Jang Hyuk did grocery shopping at a large supermarket, targeting the last minute sale.

However, Jang Hyuk drew attention by doing nothing as soon as he entered his house.

He confessed, “It’s awkward to be home without anyone. It’s supposed to be lively. The feeling of this bed is different in the morning and evening. I feel so lethargic and empty in the evening.”

Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk got married in 2008 and has two sons and one daughter.

Source: Insight

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