Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, who has been dating Jung Kyungho for 10 years, hints at good news

Sooyoung posted a teasing message on Instagram.


On October 24th, Girls’ Generation‘s member and actress Sooyoung posted several behind-the-scenes photos of herself while filming a commercial on her Instagram story.

In the released photos, Sooyoung with short hair shows off her alluring looks. Noticeably, Sooyoung raised expectations by captioning her post with a heart and the word “soon”.


Fans are guessing that this means Sooyoung’s pictorial will be released soon.


In another photo, Sooyoung is wearing a dress with a strange color combination. Here, Sooyoung also added a lip emoji next to her face.

jung kyung ho

Meanwhile, Sooyoung has been dating actor Jung Kyungho since 2012. The two have been publicly showing off their affection for one another for 10 years, making fans both jealous and look forward to their wedding some day. 

Source: Insight

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