Chinese actress rumored of being blackmailed and leaked 3 sensitive videos by her ex-boyfriend

Netizens suspect actress Jing Tian of being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend using sensitive videos.

Jing Tian and ex-boyfriend Zhang Jike are receiving much attention online regarding the invasion of privacy. Specifically, a reporter accused former table tennis player Zhang Jike of losing a gambling debt of up to 700,000 USD. Because he couldn’t manage to pay the debt in time, he blackmailed his ex.

According to the reporter, Zhang Jike made Jing Tian’s life miserable, to the point that she disappeared from the entertainment world for more than a year.

On April 1, when the media contacted Zhang Jike by phone, he denied his debt and leaking Jing Tian’s private videos. But when the reporter asked for details, he quickly hung up. His studio also previously denied in writing and said that they were collecting evidence to protect Zhang Jike.


On April 2, Jing Tian’s ​​confession on a TV show became the focus of netizens’ attention, even making it into the top of Weibo’s hot search.  Specifically, in 2019, Jing Tian shared that filming “Rattan” helped her escape the gloom of life.

Some time before, she said she was so depressed that she couldn’t work. She went through a tough time, feeling like she was drowning in the deep sea, suffocating, but no one reached out to save her.  


Jing Tian confided, “In 2019, I lost myself. I suffered from the pain that I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t even leave the house, so I was scared to talk to people. I was stuck in darkness, feeling suffocated”, according to 163.

In response to this, netizens speculated that the incident was related to Zhang Jike. In May 2019, Jing Tian and Zhang Jike broke up after a year of dating and did not specify the reason.

Amid this backmailing rumor, a series of messages allegedly from Zheng Shuang calling Zhang Jike names to defend Jing Tian were suddenly shared on Weibo again. Zheng Shuang called Zhang Jike “trash”, shameless, among others. According to the text messages, Zhang Jike brought a private photo and demanded Jing Tian 8 million yuan (US$1.16 million). Zheng Shuang and Jing Tian were in the same class at the Beijing Film Academy. Zheng Shuang is younger than Jing Tian but skipped the class thanks to excellent grades.

Jing Tian was born in 1988, has been in the entertainment industry for 16 years. She was dubbed “The First Beauty of Beijing”. Her acting was not highly appreciated, but thanks to her latest role in the drama “Rattan”, she garnered more keen attention. 


Suspicious of being blackmailed and leaked hot videos by her ex-boyfriend, Jing Tian keeps quiet. Before this, the biggest scandal that she was caught up in occurred in mid-2022, when she was fined 7.2 million yuan (over 1 million USD) by the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Guangdong, China for advertising poor quality products. Immediately after that, Jing Tian paid the fine in full, at the same time admitted her wrongdoing, pledging to be careful to avoid similar mistakes, Paper reported.

Source: k14

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