Girls’ Generation Sooyoung’s Instagram post made fans shed tears

A lengthy post uploaded by Girls’ Generation Sooyoung made fans who have been supporting her for 15 years cry.

On August 23rd, Sooyoung uploaded a lengthy post on her Instagram, starting with “I don’t know why it feels so lonely to post these pictures, maybe because we finished festival-like music shows, but I’ll write down a few words I wanted to say.”

As for the reason why Girls’ Generation‘s comeback took a long time, Sooyoung revealed, “It became more important for us to consider what we want to say rather than thinking about what kind of music we want to release, so we tried to put our energy into that message.”

Sooyoung said sincerely, “Rather than the grandiosity of ‘We’ve grown this much and now we’re going to deliver this message’, telling SONEs, who waited for the full group for a long time, ‘We’re still here’ was the message that carried our ‘sincerity’ the best.”

Sooyoung said that before the album was released, there were moments when she compromised between “what she wanted to do” and “what she could do” as well as was doubtful of what “sincerity” was.

However, Sooyoung expressed her gratitude towards fans, “Seeing everyone cheering for us with the loudest voices in the world as if you had been waiting for this moment to come, I thought it was you who completed the message, not us.”

She added, “It seems that you were telling us, ‘Now, still and in the future, we’ll be here.’ Therefore, those short 3 days, which were like a dream, filled the gap of 5 years. I’m beyond words grateful.”

Girls’ Generation released their 7th full-length album “FOREVER 1” on August 5th. They drew attention by performing as a whole at various music shows and SM Town concert.

Sooyoung expressed her affection for the members, “When I see the members singing on stage, I feel the magic of my momentary immature doubts turning into firm conviction and trust. This summer, I was busy being in love because I had the members around me. It was a very happy and precious time. Let’s be together forever. These tiresome girls.”

In addition, Sooyoung released group photos of Girls’ Generation that she took affectionately with the members during this time’s promotional activities. The appearance of each of them proudly showing their charms caught the eye at once.

Fans left comments such as “I cried a lot while reading it alone“, “My eternal idol” and “It’s even more touching as I’m getting older with Girls’ Generation.”

Source: insight

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