Girls’ Generation Sooyoung smiles at the appearance of boyfriend Jung Kyung-ho → Sweet two-shot

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung smiled at the appearance of her lover Jung Kyung-ho.

Episode 346 of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros“, which aired on August 20th, continued to feature girl group Girls’ Generation, which celebrated their 15th debut anniversary.

On this day, Jung Kyung-ho‘s photo appeared in a character guessing game named “Do you recognize me?“. Sooyoung showed a faint smile as soon as she saw this photo. Min Kyung-hoon explained, “He’s very close to a person here, and he’s related to me as well.” Lee Jin-ho got the answer right away.

Afterwards, Kang Ho-dong said, “Did Jung Kyung-ho come out?” He also praised the completion of the sweet two-shot, “You two are good-looking.” On the other hand, Kim Hee-chul expressed his envy, “I‘m so jealous. They’ve been dating each other for a long time.”

Sooyoung has been in a public relationship with actor Jung Kyung-ho for 9 years.

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