G-Dragon opened snow crab restaurant after 18 billion won apartment?

The status of BIGBANG member G-Dragon after his exclusive contract with YG expired is drawing attention. 

On June 14th, G-Dragon shared a photo containing a signboard of a restaurant. It is a crab-specialized restaurant with the name “게 쪄 그래용” (pronounced as “Ge Jjyeo Geuraeyong”).

Along with it, G-Dragon attached a part of the song “Crayon”, which he released in 2012, creating laughter. The lyrics of the song include the phrase “Get your crayon,” which sounds similar to the name and pronunciation of the restaurant, “”Ge Jjyeo Geuraeyong.”


It is known that a photo of the restaurant was previously uploaded online, along with the caption “G-Dragon’s Snow Crab Restaurant Open”, as a humorous post. G-Dragon seems to have cleverly responded to this post.

On the other hand, G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment recently expired. It was also revealed that he purchased an apartment on the 13th floor of the ONE:R Cheongdam Building in Gangnam, Seoul, which had gained attention for being the highest-priced apartment in the country. The estimated market value of G-Dragon’s 74-pyeong (approx. 2,442 square feet or 245m2) property is around 15 billion to 18 billion won (11.7 to 14.08 million USD).

Source: Nate

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