From Kwak Dong-yeon to Jang Yoon-ju: “Queen of Tears” supporting cast’s crazy presence

Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won may be the main focus, but the supporting cast of "Queen of Tears" is holding their own with their outstanding presence

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Queen of Tears” (written by Park Ji-eun, directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won) is consistently breaking its own highest viewership ratings each week. Episode 12 recorded a viewership rating of 20.7% (based on Nielsen Korea), leaving only a 1% difference from the 21.7% record of “Crash Landing on You”.

Especially as the romance between Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun) and Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) intensifies, the drama is gaining more momentum. The presence of characters like Moh Seul-hee (played by Lee Mi-sook) and Yoon Eun-sung (played by Park Sung-hoon), who add tension to the story by opposing the main characters, adds to the excitement.

Kwak Dong-yeon

Furthermore, the attention-grabbing characters receiving as much spotlight as the main leads are Hong Hae-in’s younger brother Hong Soo-cheol (played by Kwak Dong-yeon), Hong Hae-in’s aunt Hong Beom-ja (played by Kim Jung-nan) and Baek Hyun-woo’s elder sister Baek Mi-seon (played by Jang Yoon-ju). These characters captivate viewers with their intense presence whenever they appear on screen.

Kwak Dong-yeon as Hong Soo-cheol

kim ji won kwak dong yeon

Kwak Dong-yeon portrays Hong Hae-in’s younger brother Hong Soo-cheol. He grew up always being overshadowed by his sister and remains timid. Despite marrying Cheon Da-hye (played by Lee Joo-bin), the exact opposite of Hong Hae-in, and succeeding in a new business venture to prove himself, he faces downfall due to the schemes of Moh Seul-hee and Yoon Eun-sung. He is left speechless upon discovering the true identity of his wife Cheon Da-hye, whom he loved dearly.

Kim Jung-nan as Hong Beom-ja

Returning to collaborate with writer Park Ji-eun after “Crash Landing on You”, Kim Jung-nan once again plays a scene-stealing role in this drama. Her character Hong Beom-ja is Hong Hae-in’s aunt and Moh Seul-hee’s natural enemy. Despite her tough exterior, she feels guilty and sheds tears of regret after Hong Man-dae’s collapse. She is known for her wild antics, such as wearing a flashy outfit to her mother’s memorial service and engaging in a physical fight at her ex-husband’s remarriage ceremony. Despite this, she shows unwavering warmth and affection towards her niece Hong Hae-in, especially when she learns about Hae-in’s terminal illness.

kim jung nan

Jang Yoon-ju as Baek Mi-seon

Jang Yoon-ju’s character Baek Mi-seon, Baek Hyun-woo’s elder sister, also captivates attention whenever she appears. Mi-seon runs a beauty salon in her hometown of Yongdu-ri and financially supports her younger husband and seven-year-old son studying abroad in San Francisco. She actively involves herself in family matters. Jang Yoon-ju’s performance showcases her unique charm, adding depth to her character through her efforts in portraying the role of a salon owner, from practicing beauty techniques to perfecting her character’s attire.

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