From getting caught up in controversy over skills and attitude, (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua is winning more and more fans’ hearts 

With every comeback, Shuhua is showing off her improvement.

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua is one of the 4th gen female idols who successfully gained the public’s attention for her pretty visuals and lovely maknae charm. However, while there are many who fall for Shuhua, she also faces mixed reactions when it comes to her skills and attitude. Overcoming this, Shuhua has recently been proving that she deserves all the love and support from fans.

gi-dle shuhua

On November 12th, (G)I-DLE performed at the joint concert Music Bank in Chile. When the group was performing “Latata”, it started raining heavily and hindered the stage. In particular, Shuhua slipped several times, even fell to the ground but she still continued with the performance, showing her professionalism.

gi-dle shuhua
Shuhua slipped due to the rain but did not stop performing 

After two comebacks with “Tomboy” and “Nxde”, Shuhua’s performance skills that once caused controversy have also improved immensely. When doing dance challenges with other female idols backstage, Shuhua was not overshadowed either, even though dancing is not her strength.

gi-dle shuhua thumbnail
Shuhua’s dancing skills is improving
gi-dle shuhua twice tzuyu
Shuhua impressed when dancing with Tzuyu

Shuhua has always been known for her beauty, but after bleaching her hair for the first time after debut, Shuhua is said to have reached the prime of her visuals. Her fair skin suits blonde hair perfectly.

(g)i-dle shuhua instagram
Shuhua stuns with blonde hair

Shuhua once got caught up in controversy over what she said. However, according to Miyeon, Shuhua has now become more calm and collected. She talks less compared to before. This even makes the members miss the old Shuhua.

gi-dle shuhua
Shuhua has become more mature 

Shuhua’s live singing skills are still receiving mixed comments, especially during the group’s encore stages. However, fans appreciate her effort to improve every time (G)I-DLE makes a comeback. 

Shuhua once forgot her lines during an encore stage for “Nxde”

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