Gurumi Haribo leaked an unseen photo of BLACKPINK Jisoo in Paris

The leaker this time turns to attack BLACKPINK Jisoo

On September 28, Gurumi Haribo, who leaked dating photos of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V, recently posted a new photo on his Telegram group. Specifically, this person posted a never-before-seen picture of BLACKPINK Jisoo. He wrote: “Hey everyone, I know that many of you doubt me and wild rumors are everywhere. I have been told that Jisoo is somebody who knows the truth and is an honest and kind person. She is not involved in with Taehyung in any kind. However, she may help us to see the truth.”

This person also added: “So please Jisoo, if you get this message, please post this unseen picture as a sign that you know Jennie and Taehyung are hanging out and you (among others) can not speak about this. Thank you.”

Based on the outfit Jisoo was wearing in the photo, it looks like she took this photo on September 27 when she attended the Dior show in Paris, only one day before it was leaked.

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