Former 2NE1’s CL: “Queen of K-pop” with a career filled with ups and downs

CL has gone through a lot of ups and downs since her debut.

Not only known for her attractive, girl-crush aura, former 2NE1 member CL is also famous for her top-notch talent. She is dubbed an “all-rounder” or even “Queen of K-pop” because she is good at singing, rapping, and dancing.

G-Dragon CL
CL is considered an icon among K-pop idols 

CL’s real name is Lee Chaerin. She was born in 1991. Her father is professor Lee Ki Jin, a physician and writer of children’s books.

She comes from a studious family background 

CL followed her father to live overseas for several years. Therefore, she can speak fluent English, Japanese, and French. With her language ability, CL used to work as a translator for dancers.

CL is fluent in different languages

Since childhood, CL has dreamt of becoming a rapper like her idol Lil Kim. Therefore, she has always pursued a strong and “swag” style. To fulfill her dream, CL returned to Korea and started training at JYP Entertainment. She later left JYP and joined YG. 

2ne1 CL
CL is said to suit the image of a YG idol perfectly 

In March 2009, CL and 2NE1 collaborated with BIGBANG to release the song “Lollipop”. Although 2NE1 had not officially debuted at that time, they successfully attracted the attention of the public. From there, CL began her glorious journey in K-pop. Looking back at 2NE1’s career, CL is considered a good and reliable leader for other members.

The heyday of her career was during 2NE1 active years

2NE1 sadly went through a lot. Their activities were suspended for a long time. At MAMA 2015, 2NE1 performed their last stage together before officially disbanding. 

2NE1 at MAMA 2015 

Besides the outstanding milestones with 2NE1, CL has also built an equally successful solo career. After the group’s disbandment, CL also eventually decided to leave YG Entertainment.

CL shocked fans when she decided to part ways with YG

In July 2021, CL signed a contract with Konnect Entertainment. Although it is still difficult to find a foothold in the Korean music scene, CL is still considered “the queen of K-pop”.

She is now active as a soloist who achieves success in both music and fashion

Over the years, CL has received many awards. She is also doing well in the fashion field. She also has a net worth of a whopping 8 million USD.

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