Following the release of pre-debut image, Karina (aespa) was once again embroiled in the debate about plastic surgery

The images of Karina (aespa) in her middle school photo sparked controversy as she looked so different from the current image.

On July 22, a pre-debut photo of Karina (aespa) appeared on social networks. This is a never-before-seen photo in which Karina took a photo with her middle school classmates. Fans are delighted by the lovely expression of the SM female idol. In the photo, she was wearing a uniform, posing cute, with her lovely face.

aespa karina u9838988984958 scaled 1

In addition to comments praising Karina’s cuteness, there are still many opinions that she has undergone plastic surgery. The leader of aespa’s face in middle school was not as sharp as it is now. Her eyes and nose also looked different from now. In the school photo, Karina showed her big nose and small eyes.

This is not the first time that Karina’s past appearance has become the subject of controversy. In the past photos, aespa’s leader was not as beautiful as she is now. Net users said that it was difficult for fans to justify her change just because of weight loss or “successful puberty”, because her facial skeleton in the past is as different as chalk and cheese.

Currently, the aespa member is often praised as one of the top visuals of Gen 4. She appears on many forums thanks to her “surreal” and “graphical” face. However, there are still many comments disparaging SM for choosing a member who has had plastic surgery like Karina for the aespa lineup.

aespa karina u9838988984958 scaled 1
Karina in middle school.
aespa karina u983898 390894788746576 scaled 1
The aespa member in high school.
aespa karina u983898 348989477475 scaled 1
At that time, she had white skin, but her facial features were not very impressive.
aespa karina u983898 478574758745 scaled 1
aespa karina u983898 39408599755876 scaled 1
When she was in high school, Karina became a hot ulzzang online and caught the eye of SM.
aespa karina u983898 984398738795 scaled 1
Karina now has a slimmer face, her nose bridge is also higher.

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