FNC’s Japanese girl group PRIKIL will make their official debut on May 4th with the single “SOMEBODY”

FNC Japan’s girl group PRIKIL will make their debut on May 4th, heralding the birth of a super rookie.

PRIKIL will take their first step in the music industry with a great spirit by opening their official fanclub “PREMIER” and releasing their debut single “SOMEBODY” on May 4th. FNC Japan, PRIKIL’s agency, released a concept photo of the AMETHIST version on PRIKIL’s official sites on March 4th, raising high expectations for their debut.

The released photo attracted keen attention as it showed PRIKIL with a completely different appearance. The members’ jewel-like visuals that match with the name of the concept photo version “AMETHIST” caught the eyes of netizens.

PRIKIL’s debut single “SOMEBODY” will include the title song of the same name that expresses the members’ feelings when standing at the starting point, “FUN” – a meaningful song for the members as this is the theme song of their survival audition program ‘Who is Princess?’, and “Amazing Girls”, an energetic song that contains a positive message “It’s okay if you turn back or fail! Let’s just try it first”. The album will be released in a total of 4 forms: Limited Edition A with DVD included, Limited edition B with photo booklet, Normal edition, and Premium Edition (CD) which is available only for fanclub members.

PRIKIL is a girl group composed of 5 best trainees who passed the tough survival program “Who is Princess?”, which has been broadcast on NTV since October last year and got the chance to debut. The completed group consists of members who are currently middle school students: RINKO (15), UTA (15), NANA (14), RIN (14), and YUKINO (14). The group’s name PRIKIL is a combination of “Pri” in ‘Princess’ and “Kill”, which means fatal charm. The name also means “the most attractive princesses in the world”.

PRIKIL has been attracting public attention even before its official debut. The girl group performed live at Japan’s largest fashion show “Kansai Collection 2022 Spring & Summer” helped on March 5th and is receiving many requests to feature in various magazines and TV shows. In response to fans’ enthusiastic support, the company will hold an online fanmeeting in June for PRIKIL’s fanclub PREMIER and an offline fanclub launching ceremony and fanmeeting within this year.

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