Final decision on The Baby Garden’s broadcast ban injunction against “In the Name of God” will be released today (Mar 24th)

The court will announce the final judgment regarding the broadcast band injunction against Netflix’s “In the Name of God”.

At 10:30 p.m. on March 24th, the Civil Agreement Division 50 (Chief Judge Park Beom Seok) of the Seoul Central District Court opened a hearing on the injunction filed by the religious group The Baby Garden and their leader Kim Ki-soon (83 years old) against MBC and PD Cho Sung Hyun.

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“In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, which was released on the 3rd, is a documentary that traces the “messiahs” in modern Korean history, providing information on various events and people behind them. PD Cho Sung Hyun, an MBC production team member and one of the people who created “PD Notebook”, directed this documentary series.

The 8-episode documentary “In the Name of God” focused on JMS led by Jung Myung Suk, The Five Oceans of Park Soon Ja, The Baby Garden of Kim Ki Soon, and Manmin Central Church of Lee Jae Rok.

The Baby Garden requested an injunction on the 8th to ban the screening of “In the Name of God” episodes 5 and 6, which portrayed The Baby Garden as a “pseudo-cult”. The religious organization claimed that most of the content is false, saying “This program contains only groundless and one-sided allegations made by some people who already left The Baby Garden”. They requested a daily fine of 10 million won for the documentary if the screening continues.


At first, The Baby Garden sued Netflix Service Korea, MBC, and PD Cho Sung Hyun. However, on the 20th, they submitted a partial withdrawal of the injunction against Netflix Service Korea.

According to reports, Netflix Service Korea is only responsible for subscription contracts in Korea, and the broadcasting rights for “In the Name of God” belong to the Netflix headquarters in the United States, making the injunction request meaningless.

It was said to be the same reason why the cult JMS, which appeared in “In the Name of God” right before The Baby Garden, only filed a restraining order against MBC.

i am god

JMS already filed an injunction to ban the broadcast even before the release of “In the Name of God”, but the Seoul Western District Court rejected JMS’s request.

In 2001, The Baby Garden sued SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” to ban the broadcast of “The Baby Garden, 5 Years Later” episode, and the Southern District Court accepted it at the time.

Source: Naver

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