FIFTY FIFTY members reportedly registered trademarks for group name & stage names

After filing a lawsuit against their own agency to suspend contract, FIFTY FIFTY even registered trademarks for their names.

According to the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service on July 5th, many trademarks, such as Aran (Jung Eun Ah), Keena (Song Ja Kyung), Saena (Jung Se Hyun) and Sio (Jung Ji Ho), were already registered on June 19th. The individuals who registered the trademarks have the same names as the family names of four members Aran, Keena, Saena, and Sio.

Earlier, Attrakt only registered the trademark of FIFTY FIFTY in English and did not register the trademark rights for the group’s name in Korean and the members’ stage names.

fifty fifty

When Attrakt registered the trademark of FIFTY FIFTY on June 19th, the members also filed an injunction to the Seoul Central District Court to suspend their exclusive contract with the agency. At that time, the group, which had only been active for seven months, cited non-transparent settlements and forced activities as their reasons. 

Due to the members’ actions, some netizens speculated that the members intended to exclude the agency and continue their activities as FIFTY FIFTY.

FIFTY FIFTY achieved huge success with their single title track “Cupid” released in February. The girl group entered the US Billboard chart and UK Official chart at high ranks. As a rookie idol group from a small agency, they quickly gained extraordinary support and attention from the public.


However, FIFTY FIFTY’s activities have been postponed due to the current contract dispute. According to Attrakt, the group will not be able to join the upcoming ‘KCON LA 2023’ scheduled to be held in Los Angeles next month. In addition, various schedules, such as the filming of the OST “Barbie Dreams” music video for the movie “Barbie”, advertising collaborations with sports and global electronics companies, and entertainment programs have been canceled.

Source: Daum

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