“Pool villa date”… Female celebrity who returned after drunk-driving scandal revealed her bright current status

Former After School member Lizzy, who caused a stir due to her drunk-driving scandal, recently heralded her comeback by finding a new agency.

As Lizzy heralded full-fledged activities, fans are also paying attention to her daily life.

after school lizzy

On Nov 6th, Lizzy posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Gwangan-ri Pool Villa date with Yoon-ha”.

The photos showed Lizzy playing in a pool villa in Busan with her friend.

after school lizzy

Wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, Lizzy caught the eye by showing off her extraordinary backside.

Lizzy drew attention because she was so slim as if she had suffered a lot.

after school lizzy

Lizzy seems to have been very happy on this day.

She wrote, “I personally like the pool villa so much that I want to go again. There are 3 rooms, so I use each room LOL Fantastic View day and night. Who wants to go with me?”

after school lizzy

Meanwhile, Lizzy caused an accident in May last year as she crashed into a taxi near the intersection of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

At that time, Lizzy’s blood alcohol concentration was at the level of license revocation (0.08% or more).

Accordingly, Lizzy was sentenced to a fine of 15 million won at the first trial in October of the same year.

Before the first trial, Lizzy cried during an Instagram live broadcast, saying, “My life is over.”

after school lizzy

In the past, Lizzy strongly criticized drunk drivers, calling them “prospective killers”.

Lizzy had a strong image of an “upright girl”, so fans were even angrier at her “discordance between words and actions”.

Source: Insight

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