Fans are hoping that 2023 arrives soon so that Lisa (BLACKPINK) can ‘escape’ from YG

BLACKPINK fans have repeatedly urged YG to explain the restriction on Lisa’s activities in recent days.

In the past few days, BLACKPINK fans can’t help but be excited by a series of strong moves from Lisa’s big fansites. Besides pushing the trending hashtag calling for YG to let Lisa do what she was supposed to do, fansites have also stopped buying BLACKPINK albums indefinitely, unsubscribing to BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel, making this number decrease day by day.

A series of strong moves from fans stemmed from the fact that BVLGARI CEO Mr. JCBabin posted on Instagram expressing his regret at not being able to work with Lisa even though she was in France. And the reason comes from YG itself.

Currently, the wave of anger is still rising, but YG has yet to respond. From this story, fans expressed their wish that Lisa will soon end her contract with YG in 2023:

  • I used to hate 2023 and didn’t want it to come. But now it’s different, I want it to come as quickly as possible so that Lisa can be free and happy.
  • I also want 2023 to come quickly because that means BLACKPINK will be set free.
  • It feels like YG will treat BLACKPINK the way they did to 2NE1.
  • Please don’t attack the other 3 members because this is YG’s fault.
  • YG is about to debut a new girl group, BLACKPINK will be treated like 2NE1 back then.
  • I won’t be supporting the new YG group if the company treats Lisa like this.
  • When there is a new group, BLACKPINK will also gradually be neglected. They will be fed up and leave the company like 2NE1 in the past. This loop never ends at YG.

2023 will be an important year for BLACKPINK. The members will have to face the decision of whether or not to continue their contracts with YG. Regarding 2NE1, the legendary girl group used to struggle for a long time before going their separate ways, which was largely due to YG’s management.

blackpink lisa

After Park Bom’s drug scandal, YG neglected the activities of CL, Minzy, and even indirectly wanted to get rid of Park Bom. In April 2016, Minzy wanted to have solo activities and release her own album, but the company refused.  After that, she left YG because of these unfortunate conflicts. CL’s solo activities were also canceled and delayed by YG many times. Park Bom was transferred to YG’s subsidiary The Black Label, but she also ended up leaving after a while.

Source: K14

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