Fans are defending Hyuna from getting criticized for streaming PENTAGON’s song

HyunA received mixed opinions when posting on SNS showing that she was streaming PENTAGON’s new song.

On September 10th, PENTAGON made a comeback with their 7th mini-album Thumbs Up! with the title song Naughty Boy. This is the group’s second comeback this year after the success of their hit Shine. Unfortunately, PENTAGON is only promoting with 8 members without E’Dawn and Yanan.

Naughty Boy was composed by Flow Blow along with two PENTAGON members: Hui, who is known as “G-Dragon’s Descendant”, and E’Dawn, who is now “Hyuna’s lover”.

The title of the song in Korean means “green frog”; this is also the name of a folk story in Korea, which is about spoiled children who never listen to their parents.

To support the company’s label-mate, Hyuna had promoted the new music video of PENTAGON. However, this action has been criticized because of her dating scandals with E’Dawn, and fans haven’t been getting over it yet. Netizens also think that Hyuna should be quiet because this is not an appropriate time:

“Doesn’t she know that this is not the right time to do that? I’m a not a fan, but still think that this is a little over the line.”

“It’s like she’s trying to block PENTAGON’s way. She had better stay away from the group as far as possible.”

However, there are still many fans defending for the “sexy queen of Kpop”. They said that Hyuna had often promoted juniors on SNS before, so this incident is not a surprise and many people who criticize her are too sensitive:

“Isn’t it a good thing for PENTAGON when Hyuna promoted their song? Isn’t it normal for seniors promoting their juniors’ songs?”

“Hyuna did this many times before, why you guys have to make a fuss?”

Sources: k14

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