Fans are crazy about the interview clip of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) with Jungkook – Jin (BTS), what is the truth?

Being two competitors competing for achievements in all aspects, BTS and BLACKPINK rarely talk about each other. 

The two groups never interacted even more, only met each other at awards ceremonies or festivals.

But recently, people have been crazy about a video with a thumbnail that is the images of Jisoo, Jungkook, and Jin.  The fact that the two groups became close made fans surprised.  But what is the truth?


As it turned out, both groups were on SBS’s The Stage of Legends – Archive K ‘Preview, but they were interviewed completely separately.  Broadcasters only use images of the most prominent faces to post on thumbnails.  Below the comments, many comments were saying they clicked on the video because they thought BTS – BLACKPINK members were interviewing together.

Some netizens left their comments:

  • “My first thought was Jin – Jungkook and Jisoo interviewed together. Okay it was just a clickbait”
  • “Do you know how powerful this thumbnail is? Just put BTS and BLACKPINK in the same place and the view will increase dramatically”
  • “I saw Worldwide Handsom and Queen Jisoo, I click”
  • “Fun fact: Almost everyone clicked because of the thumbnail”
  • “SBS knows how to attract attention”
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