Fan Bingbing carries out activities in Japan because she cannot work in China?

Fan Bingbing, who was expelled from Chinese showbiz due to her tax evasion scandal, was recently seen in Japan.

According to reports by Chinese media on Dec 20th, Fan Bingbing, who disappeared from movies and dramas in China due to tax evasion charges in 2018, has started moving her activity area and working overseas after being expelled from the Chinese entertainment industry. 

Fan Bingbing

While Chinese broadcasters and the whole film industry are boycotting Fan Bingbing, the actress has headed overseas. On December 18th, she was invited to the Christmas Watch & Jewelry Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. Fan Bingbing also went on the stage for a talk show prepared at the event and met with local fans.

Fan Bingbing also appears on the notice of the event held from Dec 16th to Dec 20th and the poster for the “Special Talk Show”.  

Fan Bingbing

On the day of the event, Fan Bingbing drew attention with her beauty. She wore a luxurious yet elegant tube-top dress with impressive dark blue color and sparkling details. The actress tied up her hair and revealed her sexy shoulder and necklines.

In fact, this is not Fan Bingbing’s first overseas activity since the tax evasion scandal. She took a photo shoot for a Korean fashion magazine while taking a hiatus for self-reflection after the controversy. She then made an acting comeback with a cameo appearance in JTBC’s drama “Insider”, which aired last summer. 


Fan Bingbing, who used to be a top star in China, was kicked out of the entertainment industry in May 2018 after her tax evasion incident broke out. The Chinese authorities ordered Fan Bingbing to pay about 150 billion won in tax and penalties.

Source: Daum

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