Famous K-drama actresses who only got married in their 40s 

These famous stars often focus on their careers before settling down, leading to late marriages

As building a stable family life takes a lot of time, many Korean stars would focus on establishing their names, before starting their own family. As a result, many popular Korean celebrities only get married well into their 40s, and still manage to look extremely astounding at that. 

Below are some iconic weddings of these beautiful brides: 

Jang Nara

Of course, there’s not ignoring the new bride Jang Nara, who recently married her 6-year-younger husband. The 41-year-old beauty decided to hold a private wedding ceremony in Seoul, away from the privy eyes of the media. 

Jang na ra
On her big day, Jang Nara adorned a white dress with a square neckline that exudes classiness. It’s no exaggeration to say that even now, Jang Nara looks not a day older than 20. 
Jang na ra
Jang Nara looked extremely youthful in her simple yet classy wedding gown
jang na ra
No angle can hinder the beauty of the actress

At the age of 41, Jang Nara boasted the brightest expression on her wedding day. The image of Jang Nara walking down the aisle while holding her father’s hand was even compared to that of a princess. 

jang na ra wedding
While there are many photos of Jang Nara’s wedding, the groom’s face is kept a secret 
jang na-ra
All attending guests covered the groom to protect his privacy

As her husband is a non-celebrity, Jang Nara decided to keep his identity a secret, only letting people know that he’s a videographer. According to insiders, the couple met for the first time on the set of the K-drama “VIP”, and dated for around 2 years before deciding to finally tie the knot. 

Jang na ra
Jang Nara being led down the aisle by her father
jang na ra wedding
Even from the back, Jang Nara and her husband looked like the best couple

Son Ye Jin

In March 2022, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin made headlines all across the world and attracted attention from fans and the public alike. The two’s love story is like that of a fairy tale, with blessings from everyone.

hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s wedding announcement got fans squealing 
hyun bin son ye jin
The beautiful bride is now 40 years old.
A photo captured at Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s wedding venue

Now in her 40s, Son Ye Jin’s visuals are still unmatched and easily steal heart. Dressed in a dream white gown and donning the brightest smile, Son Ye Jin’s happiness truly makes her the most beautiful bride. 

hyun bin son ye jin
Son Ye Jin boasted a spectacular appearance in her wedding gown

Choi Ji Woo

In 2018, Choi Ji Woo settled down with her non-celebrity husband at the age of 43. According to Korean media, Choi Ji Woo’s lifelong partner is a man 9 years younger, who dated the actress for 3 years before finally proposing to her. 

Choi Ji-woo
Famous actress Choi Ji Woo married a non-celebrity
Choi Ji-woo
Just like Son Ye Jin and Jang Nara, white made Choi Ji Woo extremely astounding. 

In May 2020, the happy couple welcomed their first child. However, while Choi Ji Woo publishes a lot of moments with her daughter, there’s still no photo that captures her husband. 

choi ji woo
43-year-old Choi Ji Woo proves she’s a legendary beauty in her wedding dress
choi ji woo
The actress shared a lot of moments with her daughter 
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