Famous Actor Criticized for Not Cheering for IU While At Her Concert?

A famous actor recently faced criticism for not cheering despite sitting in the front row of IU's concert and eventually apologized.

Ko Chen-tung (also known as Kai Ko), well-known for his role as Ko Ching-teng in the 2011 film “You Are the Apple of My Eye”, recently came under fire. 

In particular, according to reports from Taiwanese media such as ETtoday on April 7 (local time), Ko Chen-tung’s presence at IU’s world tour concert “H.E.R” held at Taipei Arena the day before was captured but received criticism.

Ko Chen-tung

According to the reports, Ko Chen-tung attended IU’s concert. Before the concert started, he expressed his anticipation for the concert on social media, saying, “Excited because of IU,” revealing his excitement.

However, after the concert ended, there were eyewitness accounts of Ko Chen-tung’s behavior, where a netizen claimed that despite sitting in the front row, he didn’t cheer enthusiastically.

As the criticism grew, Ko Chen-tung eventually apologized. Through social media, he issued an apology, saying, “I didn’t realize the practice needed to meet the idol of my dreams. I’m sorry,” and pledged to “study”.

On the other hand, Ko Chen-tung is known as a fan of IU. He also expressed his enjoyment of the concert despite the criticism, saying, “This concert gave me a lot of inspiration and realization. It was worth 6,600 Taiwanese dollars (approximately 280,000 won). I could pay even 10,000 times more.”

Source: Insight

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