“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” screenwriter surprises everyone by announcing her film director debut

Screenwriter Moon Ji Won of “Innocent Witness” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will debut as a film director.

Based on the novel “Deaf Voice: Sign Language Interpreter in Cour” by Masaki Maruyama, “Deaf Voice” tells about the main character chasing the real culprit of a horrific murder that occurred 20 years ago.


The main character of the work is a police officer, a child of deaf parents who can use sign language skillfully. The story follows the character as they investigate the truth behind the murder case that occurred in the deaf community in the past.

Director Moon said, “’Def Voice’ deals with the story about a protagonist who stands on the boundary between the deaf and hearing world, striving to find their identity as a child of deaf parents and at the same time, uncovering the truth behind a murder case that occurred in the deaf community as a police officer who can use sign language”, adding “I will make a movie that allows viewers to see the beauty of sign language and enjoy the mystery genre”, revealing her determination

Moon Ji Won is known to have been preparing for her movie director debut since 2020 by writing and directing short films before winning the Grand Prize at the Lotte Screenplay Contest with “Innocent Witness”.


“Innocent Witness” written by Moon Ji Won drew sympathy from the viewers as it depicts the story of a protagonist with autism spectrum disorder standing in court as the sole witness. Through this movie, actor Jung Woo Sung won Best Actor in the Film category at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Starting with the assumption that ‘What if the girl from ‘Innocent Witness’ becomes a lawyer?’, Moon Ji Won’s next work “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells the story of Woo Young Woo, who has an autism spectrum disorder, joining a large law firm and growing up as a true lawyer after facing various social problems in court. This drama was released on Netflix and even caused a global syndrome.


Actress Park Eun Bin, who played the female lead Woo Young Woo, was honored with Daesang in the Television category at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

The new film “Deaf Voice” directed by Moon Ji Won, who wrote the scripts for the movie “Innocent Witness” and the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, will begin filming next year after completing the casting stage.

Source: Wikitree

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