EXO Suho’s New Drama Debuted With Only 1.5% Rating Despite Being Expected To Be “Queen of Tears”’s Competitor

Will it be able to overcome the crisis and rebound its ratings throughout the remaining episodes?

MBN’s new drama “Missing Crown Prince,” which first aired on April 13th, had a viewership rating of 1.5%. The drama that airs on other channels at the same time with it is “Queen of Tears,” which records high every episode, so it must have been quite burdensome for “Missing Crown Prince” even before it started.

“The works that air at the same time are not historical dramas. Our works will satisfy the audiences who like historical dramas,” said Suho, the male lead of “Missing Crown Prince” at its press conference. However, on the 14th, when “Missing Crown Prince” recorded 1.1%, the rating of “Queen of Tears” broke the national record with a national average of 20.7% and a national average of 23.2% based on the Seoul metropolitan area.

Missing Crown Prince

Well-known as the leader of the popular group EXO, Suho has been receiving favorable reviews for his acting skills in the 2016 film “Glory Day.” “Missing Crown Prince” is his first historical drama since his debut, so fans had high expectations for his new look. In addition to the cast, “Missing Crown Prince” also boasted a stellar resume for the production team, with director Kim Jin-man, who directed MBC’s “Kill Me, Heal Me,” and writers Park Chul and Kim Ji-soo, who wrote MBN’s “Bossam: Steel the Fate.”

hong ye ji

On the other hand, there were voices of concern about Hong Ye-ji, who starred in the female role. Known as a contestant on Mnet’s idol survival show “Produce 48” before making her debut as an actress, she took the leading role in KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion” at the beginning of the year. Although she appeared in the films “School Last” and “2037” in 2022, Hong Ye-ji’s recognition was low. Due to the lack of a major work showing strong acting skills, the public’s gaze on Hong Ye-ji was not so positive. There were also voices of disappointment about Suho’s acting. Viewers felt the limitation of him being an idol-turned-actor in his use of facial muscles and vocalization.

Missing Crown Prince

The competition of “Missing Crown Prince” was “Queen of Tears,” starring Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won. There are four episodes left for “Queen of Tears,” and MBC’s new drama “Chief Detective 1958,” starring Lee Je-hoon, is scheduled to air on April 19th. The 20-episode series “The Crown Prince Gone” also has a long way to go. It also means it has a possibility to overcome its crisis.

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