EXO Reveals Group Photo With Winter Album-like Elegance

A new group photo of EXO exudes a cozy atmosphere that perfectly suits winter. 

On December 9, Baekhyun shared a photo on his account featuring all the members of EXO. Dressed predominantly in black tones, EXO members showcased their natural beauty with minimal makeup and undyed hairstyles, emanating a clean and sophisticated charm.

The group photo, reminiscent of a winter album concept, led fans to speculate that it might be in celebration of a new winter album release. Considering EXO’s recent achievement of ranking second with their 10-year-old song “The First Snow” on music shows, it seems reasonable to expect a winter album from them in 2023.

However, the real reason for the gathering was the wedding of their long-time manager, a familiar face to EXO fans. Congratulations poured in online ahead of the manager’s wedding day.

Baekhyun, who shared the group photo, exuded a relaxed and mature vibe. Wearing a black shirt paired with beige pants, Baekhyun showcased a delightful contrast, revealing his diverse and colorful fashion sense.

Despite the winter season, Baekhyun’s semi-formal attire, reflecting his usual comfortable style, added a touch of excitement to the overall look.

D.O., wearing a knit over a shirt, exuded a boyish charm with subtle hairstyling. His deep eyebrows and large eyes, filled with a bright smile, created a face that radiated a gentle and wholesome atmosphere, complemented by the misty flowers and white roses in front of him.

Xiumin and Suho also displayed their unique charms. In particular, Xiumin’s timeless handsome features transcended age, while Suho’s neatly structured facial features and fair skin created a sculpted and pure aura.

Sehun, who recently adorned the cover of a Chinese fashion magazine, showcased his natural and glamorous appearance, proving his charm even with simple hairstyling. Despite minimal grooming, Sehun’s sharp features and charismatic aura were evident in every shot.

EXO Sehun Chen

Kai, who had enlisted in the military and had not been seen for a while, surprised fans with his appearance. Keeping his promise of growing his hair long, he sported a stylish look with horn-rimmed glasses. Fans expressed their joy at seeing Kai’s well-maintained jawline and his charming smile.

Regarding this photo, fans showed various responses, such as “Pleae release a new winter album”, “EXO’s face is our pride”, “Jong-in (Kai) is growing out his hair nicely”, and “Sehun, please have a fan meeting”.

EXO, who made a comeback in July with their 7th full-length album “EXIST”, showcased their enduring popularity by achieving various milestones, including music show victories, surpassing 1 million album sales, and securing top spots on various charts.

Source: Daum

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