EXO D.O.’s upcoming drama “True Swordsmanship” to be broadcast on KBS next year

Actor Do Kyung-soo (EXO D.O.)’s next work “True Swordsmanship” will meet viewers through KBS.

According to SPOTV News on Dec 31st, the new drama “True Swordsmanship” (written by Im Young-bin) is scheduled to be organized into 12 episodes on KBS2 next year. The exact timing has not been decided.

“True Swordsmanship” is a work about a prosecutor armed with bad manners and delinquency who gives unseemly justice for the weak and victims and pleasantly destroys all corruption in the prosecution organization and the Republic of Korea.

EXO D.O True Swordsmanship

Earlier, “True Swordsmanship” drew attention as Do Kyung-soo‘s return to the small screen after he was discharged from the military in January. According to <SPOTV News Exclusive Report on Aug 3rd>, Do Kyung-soo will play the role of Jin-jeong. Jin-jeong has an eye-catching appearance and cheerful personality. He always stands on the side of the weak and fights in the way of powerful people.

EXO D.O True Swordsmanship

Do Kyung-soo will appear on KBS for the first time in 7 years after “Remember You” through “True Swordsmanship”. Therefore, it is expected that Do Kyung-soo, who became a popular actor thanks to “100 Days My Prince”, “Along with the Gods” and “Swing Kids”, will be able to play an active role as a relief pitcher for the KBS drama. CP Yoon Jae-hyuk will be in charge of “True Swordsmanship”. He is currently casting the female protagonist and plans to start filming in the first half of next year.

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