Even without any major activities, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is still the talk of the town

Born-to-be celebrity G-Dragon is constantly drawing attention despite barely giving any official content. 

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has been at the center of several hot topics recently. Even when he is taking a break from his main job, everything from his skinny body to genderless fashion items, smoking, partying in private, unexpected connections, meaningful remarks, and rumors of dating and breaking up with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, still gains much interest from netizens.

Among them, G-Dragon’s social media activities are particularly attention-grabbing. This year, unlike before, G-Dragon has been remarkably active on social media. Things in his life that were hidden before are now revealed through social media without hesitation.

Compared to the past, the proportion of G-Dragon’s personal life revealed has significantly increased. He posted daily life pictures of him playing with his nephew, photos of him on bed unshaved, photos of cats, and photos of him at work or recording.

His next solo album is what G-Dragon’s fans are most excited about. Earlier this year, BIGBANG released the single “Still Life”, but there were no promotions. Moreover, speculations sparked that the song’s lonely and sad vibes imply the end of BIGBANG. Given this background, fans are looking forward to G-Dragon’s solo comeback even more. For this reason, his every move stimulates fans’ expectations and leads to a hint of a solo release.

BIGBANG has gone through lots of troubles in recent years. They were always at the center of controversy and were quiet musically. Nevertheless, G-Dragon is still considered an icon. It means that the trendsetter image that he built throughout the years is still valid. 

Even though he is inactive in music, as a celebrity and fashionista, G-Dragon never stops being relevant. Every little content he gives makes fans go crazy and netizens pay attention. However, fans still long for G-Dragon’s return to the stage. 

Source: daum

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