Even photos of her drunk appearance are fine… Because that’s Han So Hee

Netizens love Han So Hee because she is being herself.

Many people think Han So Hee is admirable because of her honest and easygoing personality. Although Han So Hee is a top star, she often shows her simple and friendly side to the public. Leaving sincere messages on Instagram and blog is also a charm that helps the actress attracts fans. 

Han So hee

Unlike Instagram, where Han So Hee uploads pictures, she takes advantage of her blog to convey in-depth stories and her emotions. In particular, Han So Hee expressed her honest feelings through her blog at the time she was solving her mother’s debt issues. She actually shared stories that might be difficult for an actor to reveal, such as her family background, and gained warm support from fans and netizens.


Han So Hee also uses Instagram in an unusual way. The actress mostly posts about her most honest self to the public. She releases her own paintings so that fans can understand her psychological status, and behind-the-scenes cuts of her photoshoots to let followers feel the atmosphere on the set. In addition, Han So Hee boasts her own bare-faced charm in simple outfits that are not often seen on top stars, such as T-shirts and pants.

Recently on January 24th, Han So Hee made headlines by frankly showing off her appearance when being drunk. She talked about what happened during her Lunar New Year holiday, such as wearing couple pajamas with her younger brother and playing jenga. Together with photos of Han So Hee lying freely on the ground in a space that is like a yard because she was drunk, the actress strongly stressed, “I won’t drink again”. It is not easy for any actress to disclose such a raw appearance, but Han So Hee boldly lets everyone see that side of her.

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In fact, celebrities are easily forgotten if they do not consistently appear in public, but Han So Hee is a different case. Since the release of Disney+’s “Soundtrack #1” ended last year, Han So Hee has not presented any new work and is only focusing on filming Netflix’s original series “Gyeongseong Creature”. Nevertheless, she maintains her popularity by receiving love calls for advertisements and as a wannabe star of the young generations. The secret of her popularity is not only about revealing her pretty face but also about showing her real personality to the public as a unique star.

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Han So Hee, who emerged as a rising star after starring in “100 Days My Prince”, “The World of the Married”, “Nevertheless”, “My Name”, etc., is expected to impress viewers with her new acting transformation this year through “Gyeongseong Creature”. Set in Spring 1945, when Gyeongseong was in its darkest era, the drama tells about two young people confronting a strange creature born of greed and fighting fiercely against it for survival.

Source: Daum

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