ENHYPEN Jake refuted rumors of him flirting with girls in “night club” street Itaewon 

ENHYPEN Jake, who was accused of trying to flirt with women by borrowing a cigarette light, took a firm stance.  

Recently, when a fan asked if Jake really went to the “night club” street Itaewon to flirt with girls, to which Jake directly replied, saying: “No, I did not. I hope you believe in me.”

enhypen jake

Earlier, on August 26th, Jake published on the fan community Weverse a long post expressing his gratitude to fans, saying: 

“While carrying out activities, I met a lot of ENGENE (ENHYPEN fandom name) and was encouraged a lot by the support and love you sent me. I appreciate you all a lot and you’re so precious that I wanted to look into the eyes and hug each and every ENGENE.

I’m always not good enough to repay your love, but every day, I’m realizing how precious you are to stay by my side. I will cherish you for my whole life and I sincerely promise to repay you by showing you everything I have on the stage.

There are so many things in my heart that I want to say to you now, but I will continue to show you my sincerity for a long time. I’m always thankful and I love you all so much, ENGENE.”

enhypen jake

Earlier on August 23rd, a Twitter user published photos of a man presumed to be Jake, and claimed that they saw Jake flirt with women while borrowing their cigarette light.

enhypen jake

However, fans soon pointed out the discrepancies in the Twitter user’s story, like how the user claimed they saw Jake in June, but the sign in the photo said “May”, and in May, Jake got a different hair color.

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