“Drunk driving” Nam Tae Hyun released handwritten apology, “Careless judgment, will repent and reflect”

Singer Nam Tae Hyun released a handwritten apology after drunk driving.

On March 10th, Nam Tae Hyun posted a handwritten apology, saying, “Before I start writing, I bow my head and apologize for causing concern due to my fault.”


He apologized, “There is no excuse for this wrongdoing caused by careless judgment. I am so ashamed. Regarding this incident, I will be reprimanded for my wrongdoing, and I will repent and reflect on myself.”

He wrapped up the post, “I will deeply reflect on myself so that something like this will not happen again in the future. I’m sorry.”

Earlier on March 8th, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station booked Nam Tae Hyun on charges of drunk driving. According to the on-site blood alcohol level test by the police dispatched to the scene, Nam Tae Hyun’s blood alcohol level was 0.114%, exceeding the level of license revocation (0.08%).

Nam Tae-hyun

Regarding this, Nam Tae Hyun’s agency Noname Music said, “Nam Tae Hyun tried to move his car about 5m to re-park it because it was blocking his acquaintances’ cars, then waited for the designated driver. Nam Tae Hyun is deeply reflecting on his mistakes. He will faithfully participate in the police investigation and receive punishment for his wrongdoing. We deeply apologize to everyone.”

Source: Nate

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