Drama fans praise Song Ji Ho for his portrayal of first-year resident Jung Min in “Doctor Cha”

Along with the rising popularity of “Doctor Cha”, drama fans are also interested in the cast.

Actor Song Ji Ho is drawing attention with his performance as Seo Jung Min, Uhm Jung Hwa’s son who helps his mother with her hospital life and a first-year surgical resident, in JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Doctor Cha”.

▲ First-year resident Seo Jung Min who is clumsy but passionate

Jung Min wanted to become a variety show PD but enters medical school according to his father’s will and struggles as a first-year resident. As a newbie, Jung Min shows his inexperienced and clumsy side, such as making mistakes due to insufficient preparation and looking flustered, creating a realistic sense of empathy. Song Ji Ho’s realistic acting as a clumsy but passionate resident drew admiration from viewers.


▲ Lovely “son” full of love for his parents → An affectionate “younger boyfriend”

The chemistry between Song Ji Ho and Uhm Jung Hwa also drew attention. Jung Min and his mother Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) are also experiencing the life of first-year residents. Although he grumbled about Jung Sook’s constant work-related questions, he is still a helpful son to his mother. Knowing the love affair with his father Seo In Ho(Kim Byung Chul), Jung Min is worried that his mother would know about that so he even holds a family meeting to cover up the secret. Song Ji Ho perfectly portrays the character of Seo Jung Min, who wants to protect his mother from being hurt by the truth.


Song Ji Ho’s romance is another point that you cannot miss. Jung Min, who is secretly dating senior doctor Jeon So Ra (Jo Ah Ram), shows off his cute charms as a younger boyfriend although he gets scolded by her in public.

▲ Diverse acting spectrum

Song Ji Ho has appeared in various projects, such as the ENA “Never Give Up”, tvN’s “Stranger Season 1 & 2”, “Search: WWW”, OCN’s “Quiz from God: Reboot”, etc. Through these works, he has portrayed a variety of characters, including a son who has to pay his father’s debt, the youngest member of a strong team with great judgment, a successful marketing team leader, and a professional legal officer, and showed a wide range of acting skills.


Therefore, expectations are high for his performance as Seo Jung Min in the next episodes of “Doctor Cha”.

Source: Naver

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