Dispatch reveals Seungri’s chat log, refuting claims of prostitution brokering as ‘iPhone’s typo’

The chats that Dispatch has just released have shown Seungri’s previous justification that he did not intend to broker prostitution, but due to the iPhone’s typo, is unreasonable.  Besides, many other messaging histories of Seungri were also revealed 

During the trial on June 30, Seungri denied the accusations of brokering prostitution and asserted that he only knew it through the investigation process.  The male idol defended that he texted the phrase “those who love to have fun” (잘노는 애들) instead of “Women?  those easy girls” (잘 주는 애들): “I think it was a typo due to the autofill function of the iPhone.  I’m sorry, but I think so.”  But recently, this objection has been “overturned” by Dispatch by publishing Seungri’s text messages in Jung Joon Young’s chat room.

Recently, Dispatch said it had obtained many chat logs from the KakaoTalk chat room of 8 individuals including Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, Yoo In Suk and other club members.  On December 6, 2015, Seungri hosted a Taiwanese businesswoman visiting Korea.  Not only did he try to treat this woman well, but also the three other men who were with her.  He messaged the chat group to arrange for the girls to serve his guests.

Dispatch reveals Seungri's chat log, refuting claims of prostitution brokering as 'iPhone's typo'
Seungri: Do whatever they want. Call the girls.
Seungri: Looks like it’s the visitor from Taiwan.
Mr. K: What girls can we call now? What’s worse is that they’re Chinese, OMG.
Yoo In Suk: Mr. K manages things well enough so that he doesn’t get involved with others.
Seungri: Just do it right. With no mistakes.
Seungri: Girls? Go with ones that give well.
Mr. K: I’m calling them right now but I don’t know if they will give well. I wonder if they will give well considering it’s not you guys.
Mr. K: For now, I’m calling [Name].
Jung Joon Young: The Chinese ones will like the girls who look like they have plastic surgery more.
Seungri: Anyway, do well.
Yoo In Suk: I’m getting the prostitutes ready now, when the 2 of them get here, Mr. K can take them to the hotel room.
Mr. K: Yes
Mr. K: 2 Gangsters sent [Dispatch notes this is an allusion to prostitutes]

Based on this chat, Dispatch asserted that the context of the conversation showed no awkwardness or substitute meaning for Seungri’s words.  In addition, they said that even if the male idol made a spelling mistake in chat, he did not try to correct it.  In addition, Dispatch points out that the smartphone’s autofill function is a function that allows users to choose one of the suggested words to fill in the message they are composing.  They also emphasized that Seungri’s defense could not be accepted because Yoo In Suk clearly mentioned the word “prostitute” in the message.

In addition to the above chat, Dispatch also published some texting histories related to Seungri’s arrangements for his receptions.  They shared chat logs between Seungri, Yoo In Suk and a friend on November 27, 2015, while preparing a party for Japanese businessmen.  In it, Seungri had very clear instructions such as: “Give him back 100 times what we have received from him”, “K, Choi Jong Hoon, Jung Joon Young, let’s find out.  Is there a pretty girl who can speak Japanese?”…

Dispatch reveals Seungri's chat log, refuting claims of prostitution brokering as 'iPhone's typo'

Seungri once admitted to having inappropriate words and comments in his chat groups.  However, he explains that these conversations don’t reflect all of his life, and insists he doesn’t read all the messages in the group: “I use five types of social media. Just because I got the messages doesn’t mean I’ve read them all.”  Once again, Dispatch refuted these claims with chat logs containing messages sent by Seungri, clearly showing the kind of world the male artist lives in, including inappropriate words.  

Dispatch reveals Seungri's chat log, refuting claims of prostitution brokering as 'iPhone's typo'
Seungri: XX is a work of art. Wow I admit it.
Friend: Yesterday I felt her breasts a ton.
Seungri: Are her breasts big?
Friend: They’re fake.
Seungri: Today is the day Yoo[redacted] arrives.
Friend: Foreigners, stop coming, please.
Seungri: You f***er, they’re one of our investors.

After the 24th trial took place on June 30, Seungri had a meeting with the law enforcement agency on July 1.  Although the male idol repeatedly denies most of the charges, the military prosecutor’s office said that they are considering a possible 5-year prison sentence for the male artist’s prostitution brokerage charge.  With the chats that Dispatch has just announced, the public is continuing to wait for the next developments of the case.

Source: Billboard Vn

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