Different from her solo debut, Lisa (BLACKPINK) wrote her own lyrics for the collaboration with DJ Snake 

Lisa wasn’t a part of the track-producing process for her solo debut album, but her name appears in the credit for her collab with DJ Snake.

Right after her solo debut promotion, Lisa immediately confirmed her appearance in DJ Snake’s new track “SXY GIRL (SG)”, along with Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion. The day before its release, fans are extremely excited after seeing this BLACKPINK member’s name in the credits of the song.

Lisa’s name appears as a lyricist for the song.

In particular, Lisa took part in writing the lyrics for “SXY GIRL” along with DJ Snake (William Grigahcine), Ozuna (Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado), Megan Thee Stallion (Megan J Pete), Teddy and some other producers. This is a pleasant surprise because Lisa’s name didn’t even appear in the credits for her solo debut album. Both “MONEY” and “LALISA” are made by Teddy and YG’s producing team.

But she participated in writing the lyrics for the collab song with famous Western artists 

When her solo single album “LALISA” was released, many netizens had expected Lisa to take part in writing the lyrics for the song about herself. However, the female idol ended up getting criticized for letting YG producers do all the work. Therefore, her participation in writing lyrics for the upcoming collab song with DJ Snake has quickly attracted much attention. The keyword “WRITTEN BY LISA” even entered Twitter’s worldwide trending at #11. Many fans are glad that the BLACKPINK’s maknae has finally had the opportunity to showcase her talent and break the prejudices of anti-fans.

Shortly after the news appeared, the keyword “WRITTEN BY LISA” entered Twitter’s worldwide trending at #11 

It is not certain whether Lisa will write her part in Korean or English, but the fact that she is working with famous Western artists in the production process shows that “SXY GIRL” has the potential to become a big hit. “SXY GIRL” MV will be available on YouTube at 1 PM KST on October 22nd. Prior to the MV, the song will be released on Spotify at 0 AM in each country. Let’s look forward to what Lisa will bring through this collaboration!

DJ Snake x Lisa x Ozuna x Megan Thee Stallion – “SXY GIRL” MV Teaser 
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