DIA concluded activities after contract expired, disbandment stage canceled due to Jung Chaeyeon’s injury 

Kpop girl group DIA is wrapping up their final group activities, but an unfortunate thing happened 

On September 15th, the agency of Kpop girl group DIA, PocketDol Studio, announced: “DIA’s exclusive contract with the company will expire on September 17th after 7 years of activities.” They also added that the group’s previously scheduled music stage was inevitably canceled due to the serious injury of a member, Jung Chaeyeon

In their official statement, PocketDol also said, “We would like to express our gratitude to fans who have given DIA their unwavering love and support, and ask for your unchanging warm interest and support for members, who will make a new start with their own paths. We will also sincerely support the future of members. 

DIA concert canceled

DIA debuted as a seven-member girl group in 2015 and became popular by releasing various songs such as “Somehow,” “My Friend’s Boyfriend,” “On That Road,” “Mr. Potter,” “Will You Date Me,” “Woo Woo,” and “I’ll Cover You.” Two members of the group, Jung Chaeyeon and Ki Heehyun, also drew attention via their appearance on the 2016 Mnet audition show “Produce 101”. 

On September 14th, which is the 7th anniversary of DIA’s debut, the group released a group photo and handwritten letter on their official SNS and fan cafe, and moved the hearts of fans. 


The group conveyed their sincere feelings through the letter, writing things such as “Thank you to Aid (fans of DIA) for being by our side for 7 years”, “We will definitely repay you in various ways”, and “Thank you so much for the love you have given me”. 

Meanwhile, DIA released their last album, “Rooting For You” on September 14th. 

Source: Nate

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