Despite their flawed acting skills, these 5 Korean stars are still loved and forgiven by fans

The public has never turned their backs on these 5 Korean stars.

Many think that the acting of the following names is problematic, but it must be acknowledged that the public has never turned their backs on them. Even though viewers are angry after watching these stars’ performances on screen, they are still “forgiving”, and expect their new works.

Han So Hee

So far, there are still many people who are not satisfied with Han So Hee‘s acting, but no one can be harsh with her as Han So Hee has enough reasons to make people want to give her more opportunities. She is very beautiful and full of personality, can transform into all kinds of styles and always tries to renew herself in acting.

Han So-hee

Although her number of works is not many, her role changes constantly with all kinds of images in each work. As a young face in the industry, Han So Hee is definitely inexperienced and has not met the public’s expectations, but with such a great effort, even the most difficult person can hardly hate on her.

Han So Hee My Name Neverthless

Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk is not highly appreciated for his acting ability, but many find it hard to quit watching his dramas. Nam Joo Hyuk knows how to pick a script, which is an advantage that makes viewers always come back to his works, no matter how many times they complain about his acting.

Nam Joo-hyuk

Knowing how to pick a good script, Nam Joo Hyuk even picks the roles that are extremely perfect for him, and his appearance is even top-notch, creating a bunch of reasons for the audience to “forgive” many times and gradually acknowledge his improvement. Until the last drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, Nam Joo Hyuk has gained more love and recognition from the audience. Congratulations on the young man’s efforts!

Nam Joo Hyuk

Song Kang

Just like the two above-mentioned actors, Song Kang also attracts viewers with his handsome look. Many think that only Song Kang’s appearance in a drama is enough to make viewers want to watch it.

song kang

Owning a beautiful face with a beautiful figure, so even though he is still inexperienced, Song Kang is very hot as every drama he stars in attracts great attention. Many criticize his drama Nevertheless, but when Forecasting Love And Weather came out, they couldn’t help but watch it also as the actor’s handsome look in the poster is so attractive. 

Song Kang

Song Hye Kyo

It is believed that there are many people who are not prone to Song Hye Kyo’s acting but still can never ignore a single work of hers. What makes the audience stay is the prestigious name Song Hye Kyo and their belief in her that she would be different next time. 

Song Hye Kyo

In this case, it will not be fair if Song Hye Kyo’s acting is called bad, she is just too rigid. She sticks with the same style of acting and the same type of character. There will be a lot of comments, praises, criticisms and disappointments when a drama of hers is released. Even so, the public will still enjoy her works with the hope that she will get better one day. This is definitely a loop that can only be caused by Song Hye Kyo and a few more actors.

Song Hye Kyo Now We are breaking up

Lee Min Ho

Another case of an actor having a limited acting skill but being forgiven because of his appearance is Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho’s acting is not terrible, the problem here is that he’s not flexible when choosing the role. If this happened to someone else, they would be boycotted right away. However, every drama of Lee Min Ho goes viral. This must be because of his good-looking appearance, his huge number of fans and his popularity. He’s also very smart when not accepting too many dramas, which makes every comeback of him become the spotlight. 

Lee Min Ho

Despite the fact that Lee Min Ho only chooses one kind of character with the same way of acting, the audience have never got tired of seeing him playing a prestigious young man since his appearance is more than enough to keep them back with the drama. However, he is willing to break through with a completely different image in Pachinko. Although Lee Min Ho is still not used to this new look, this change of him has made the public’s patience pay off. This shift might be his stepping stone and he will definitely be more versatile from now on.


It is crystal clear that acting is the most important skill of an actor. However, each person has their own strengths and each actor has their own ways to mesmerize the audience. Thanks to the special charm that they give to the audience, the actors mentioned above are still prominent among the numerous stars in the Korean film industry. Actors’ acting skill is among the most noticed things in a film, so these actors could be interesting exceptions.

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