Daesung, “I Was Afraid My Words And Action Will Affect Big Bang”

Daesung made his first appearance in “Hangout With Yoo”

Daesung recently made his first appeared in MBC’s entertainment show “Hangout With Yoo,” which aired on October 21st.

The place where the two met was a regular Korean food place. Daesung said, “I’ve been here five or six times. “Who calls it black stone? It’s called black rock,” he joked and pointed to the corner, saying, “I sat over there.” Yoo Jae-seok laughed, saying, “Did you sit in the corner because you’re a celebrity?”

Daesung said, “Do you film variety shows like this these days? “Does the screen look good without a sketchbook?” he added, “The camera is very good.” He also said, “I couldn’t do this when I was doing Big Bang activities,” adding, “It was a difficult environment to do broadcast because I was afraid my words and actions would harm my hyungs.”

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