CUBE’s explanation for why CLC lost the song ‘La vie en Rose’ made netizens crazy

It may be better if CUBE keep their silence to the end, but their statement makes fans angry.

The latest episode of the CLC‘s reality TV show revealed the scene of the girls entering the studio to record their new song in May. At that time, the members even repeatedly gave out hints that the group will comeback and they also uploaded many photos on Instagram with a rose.

It is not until the comeback was delayed, and the public realized that “La vie en Rose” (IZ*ONE) was the song that CLC prepared to make a comeback that everyone is fully aware of the meaning behind the pictures.

Many fans also wondered why CUBE did not let CLC comeback with “La vie en Rose”, and that why the song became the debut song of IZ*ONE.

The answer was revealed when CUBE named the third episode of CLC’s reality show “CLC recorded “La vie en Rose” in May”, along with the description: “Because CUBE thinks the company will not be able to promote CLC well enough, they were afraid that the song would be wasted (so ‘Lavie en Rose was assigned to IZ * ONE).

Immediately, the fans burst into anger at CUBE’s response. It was thought to be the problem of copyright that CLC lost the song, but it turned out that because CUBE was afraid of not promoting the group well so they gave the song to other groups. And so, this becomes a rare case in the entertainment industry, a management company is afraid of … giving good songs to their artists because they were scared that the song would be a waste, despite their artists are still struggling to find a position, and a hit to get big.

However, some netizens also pointed out the title and description of the video were changed by the fan who subbed the video, and CUBE wasn’t the one who gave the explanation on CLC losing the song. 

Currently, CUBE has changed the title of the video as well as the controversial description. However, the fan community has not shown signs that they will “sympathize” with the choice from the management company.

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