Controversy Over Racism At ‘M Countdown in France’, “Security Guards Only Check The Bags Of Asians”

“M Countdown” is embroiled in controversy over security guards over-suppressing Asians at the recent Paris performance

On October 15th (local time), CJ ENM’s music show “M Countdown” held “M Countdown in France” at LA Défense Arena in Paris. More than 22,000 audiences gathered to watch performances of El7Z UP, Dreamcatcher, ZB1, TREASURE, Monsta X’s Shownu X Hyungwon, NCT DREAM, SHINee’s Taemin, and Psy.

However, serious problems occurred at the concert venue, causing controversy over racism and excessive use of force by security guards to arise. The audiences poured complaints against “M Countdown in France” security guards on social media and online communities. A video taken on the scene was released and the backlash is getting more severe.


According to a fan, the on-site security guards used force to send an Asian audience standing in the crowd with a bag out because they had a camera. The fan claimed that European audiences standing around were also filming the stages with cameras but the security guards just passed by them without doing anything. Another fan argued, “I was just sitting still. They saw a camera after asking me to open my bag then dragged me out of the venue”.


The released video shows security guards trying to take away fans’ cameras and a fan falling on the floor. Many people also insisted that the security guards excessively suppressed the audience.

In particular, many people expressed disappointment in the security guards’ racist attitude against Asians as well as the safety issues at concerts.

Attention is focused on the position of the organizer amid the intense criticism over security guards’ racist and over-suppression actions.

Source: Daum

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