Chungha talks about her burnout period, “If It Weren’t For Jay Park, I Would Have Gone Abroad To Study”

Jay Park revealed the reason he recruited Chungha to his company

On November 18th, Jay Park appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Omniscient Interfering View” and introduced the new building of his agency More Vision.

Jay Park held a meeting for new songs with the staff. He said, “I’ve become more greedy with the song this time. I often leave this to the staff and give no feedback, but now I believe that this job requires constant concentration to achieve good results. I’m thinking about showing a new side of myself every time”.

jay park-chungha

Hearing that, Jeon Hyun-moo asked, “How about making a trot song?”. In response, Jay Park jokingly said, “Actually, I was very impressed when I saw Lim Young-woong. He is selling many albums and doing well on music charts, which are often dominated by idols. Maybe I would try joining Season 7 of ‘Mr. Trot’.”

Jay Park then met Chungha, an artist under his agency. He said, “I used to be the only person, but I’m amazed to see the practice room constantly being used by several artists that recently joined. There are many trainees and new artists like Jessi and Chungha. There’ve been many changes within the past one and a half years.”

He continued, “I watched Chungha’s past videos and was surprised by her passion and enthusiasm when performing in front of the camera. She’s an outstanding performer, so I sent her an offer. I believed that we could create good synergy together”.Chungha confessed, “Actually, if it weren’t for you, I would be studying abroad now. You’ve been giving me advice since a year ago. You listened to my concerns and kept in touch with me. He’s the CEO who contacted me the most”, expressing her gratitude towards Jay Park.

The manager added, “Since he has many years of experience, he always gives sincere advice when other artists come to him for counseling. Sometimes, he talks a bit long. Still, he considers it a valuable time to help others grow”.

Source: Daum

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